Bathing-establishment and Seafood & Sushi Restaurant at the seaside in Grottammare

Ristorante Grottammare

Just as seafood restaurant, the "BAIA BLANCA" is a small one, that is all the year round open for lunch and dinner, along the north seafront in Grottammare. It encloses great elegance and welcome in its one store location with a modern and light design, a few steps from the Adriatic Sea, and offers a breath of immensity to the soul, while the eyes enjoy for a spectacular view until to vast horizon.

Inside of the "BAIA BLANCA" we have a craze for the well-made things and we love good food!
We like to socialize with our customers as much as talk about their job; because of that we’ve got a peaceful and lovely place that can used to develop in the best way every kind of meetings.

The "BAIA BLANCA" is distinguished by the refined atmosphere, culinary excellence and faultless service, because we put there all the passion, experience and care which make us as the truly unique!

As to the fish...we catch the best!

Specialties of the "BAIA BLANCA" is the very fresh and various fish, which we prepare by following the recipes of the local maritime traditions, but adding our imagination and creativity, for culinary solutions which can satisfy even the most discerning palates, exiting and involving all the senses, in an ecstasy of colours, tastes and fragrances

But the "BAIA BLANCA" is also distinguished for its "SUSHI PROJECT":

it is something absolutely new in cooking the fish, making it according to the Japanese tradition, which marries combinations of raw and cooked dishes, by reducing use of fireworks, and so reaches a provocative mixture of tastes, flavors and textures of food, whose quality is always excellent., with the unique contour of the pleasure of staying together round of the table!

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Opening hours
Lunch: from 12.15 to 14.30 from Tuesday to Sunday
Dinner: from 20.00 to 23.00 from Tuesday to Saturday

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